General information

Director: Prof. Ljiljana Tasić PhD

Associate: Jovana Brkić,M. Pharm

The Academic Council of Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade at the meeting held on 31st January 2013, adopted the Rulebook on operation of the Centre for Developing Pharmaceutical and Biochemical practice, and appointed members of the Programme Council, and thus the Centrefor Developing Pharmaceutical and Biochemical practice was officially launched. The main goals of the Centre are pharmacy practice research and development, through gathering, connecting, and coordinating academia and healthcare professionals.

The main activities and tasks of the Centre are:

1) Education and professional development through:

  • establishing and coordinating a network of mentors, consisting of professionals from practice;
  • supporting student mobility;
  • assisting student organisations (national and international) in organising student exchange programmes;
  • supporting and monitoring pharmacists’ continuing professional development through evaluation of their competencies (professional competency framework);

2) Performing entrusted activities:

  • development of healthcare plans;
  • development of professional guidelines;
  • measuring and monitoring quality of healthcare ;
  • providing professional support to The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia andSerbian Chamber of Biochemists;
  • providing professional support to the Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanović Batut”;
  • providing professional support to the Serbian National Health Insurance Fund;

3) Research and development through:

  • assesing pharmaceutical quality management systems;
  • development of pharmaceutical services;
  • development of biochemical laboratory services;
  • initiating, planning, and organizing health promotion and disease prevention campaigns;
  • conducting national pharmacopidemiological studies;
  • development of instruments to assess pharmacy practice.