About the faculty

Department of Pharmacy was first founded at the Faculty of Medicine of University of Belgrade on 24 October 1939. The Faculty of Pharmacy became an independent higher education institution on 19 October 1945. For a number of years the courses were taught in the facilities of the Faculty of Medicine, and in September 1991 the Faculty of Pharmacy moved to its own building located at Vojvode Stepe 450.

From its foundation until the end of 2007, there were 9,284 students who graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, and 1,788 completed their specialisation courses (1,176 attendees completed healthcare specialisation courses); moreover, 286 master’s thesis and 239 doctoral dissertations were successfully presented.

In addition to being a higher education institution, the Faculty of Pharmacy is also involved in various educational, scientific, healthcare, professional, publishing, librarian and museum activities. The museum of the history of pharmacy is registered as an official museum of the City of Belgrade.

There are 18 Departments at the Faculty of Pharmacy, namely: Physics and Mathematics, General and Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Physical Chemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Physiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Drug Analysis, Pharmacognosy, Medicinal Biochemistry, Bromatology, Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Technology and Cosmetology, Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Social Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Legislation. There is also the unit of shared services (with specific sections dealing with legal and general affairs, material and financial affairs, education and student affairs, library and museum activities, information technology and technical services).

Scientific research of teachers and associates of the Faculty is performed through the fundamental, applied and developmental research programs on topics generally defined through plans and programs for projects funded by the RS Ministry of Education and Science, as well as through programs of international scientific cooperation.

Professional activities of teachers and associates of the Faculty involve more intensive cooperation with colleagues from the practice, and are concerned also with improvement in quality and the number of services provided to various companies under business and technical cooperation agreements.

The Centre for Continuing Education was founded several years ago as a part of professional healthcare activities of the Faculty. Through this Centre the Faculty participates in the process of continuing professional specialisation of graduated pharmacists, and gets information on contemporary trends in pharmaceutical science and practice. The Centre organises continuing education courses in all fields of pharmaceutical profession. In addition to the Centre for Continuing Education, the Centre for Students’ Scientific Research was also founded, and the Centre for Developing Pharmaceutical Practice and Innovation Centre are currently being formed. The Faculty of Pharmacy established “Prof. Ivan Berkeš Foundation” for awarding the best students, and since 2007 this annual Award has been granted for the best scientific work performed by Faculty’s associates or students of doctoral studies.

The activities of the Faculty of Pharmacy students may take place through the following organisations: NAPSer – National Association of Pharmacy Students, Serbia; Sports Society of the Faculty of Pharmacy; Choir ”Raskovnik”, and a photo group (PharmArt). Students’ educational and extracurricular activities are coordinated by Student Vice-Dean and the Student Parliament. The Faculty of Pharmacy students are actively involved in the activities of EPSA – European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association and IPSF – International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation. Furthermore, they are cooperating with students from other faculties, especially in the field of medical studies in Belgrade and Serbia.

The Faculty of Pharmacy is a member of the FIP – International Pharmaceutical Federation, and since 2002 also of EAFP – European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy.

The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy, being a higher education institution, is to educate and train experts competent for all aspects of medicines and work in clinical laboratories, as well as for providing services in all fields of pharmaceutical practice. The Faculty of Pharmacy students acquire knowledge and skills necessary for active participation in manufacturing, distribution and marketing of medicines, promotion of health, prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as for laboratory work and applying laboratory analyses for diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of diseases.

In order to improve the knowledge and skills of pharmacists, the Faculty organises and supports research projects and collaborates with the scientific public both in the country and abroad, and is also involved in publishing activities.