Faculty of Pharmacy Student Parliament

In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, and with the aim of exercising the rights and protection of interests of students, the Student Parliament is active at the Faculty of Pharmacy, as a body of the Faculty where it was established. The Parliament has 23 members, who are one representative each from every year of integrated academic studies from every study program, as well as 15 representatives of election lists defined under the proportional system. The authorities and bodies of the Student Parliament are:

  1. Speaker of the Student Parliament (Ivana Ilić, ivanailicmb@gmail.com)
  2. Student Vice-Dean (Nikola Paunović, nikola.m.paunovic@gmail.com)
  3. Teaching and Reform team, Science and International Cooperation Team, and Public Relations Team, led by team coordinators.

The election for Student Parliament is held in April, and the constituting session takes place in October, when the members’ mandates are verified, and their term of office is one year. The Student Parliament elects and dismisses Student Vice-Dean, as well as representatives of students in the authorities and bodies of the Faculty – the Council, Academic Council, Commissions, etc.