Choir “Raskovnik”


The Faculty of Pharmacy students’ Choir “Raskovnik” was formed in March 2007, after successfully completing the audition, and immediately started functioning, The Choir now has more than 40 members which shows great interest on the part of the students to get involved in culture and arts and creative activities as amateurs, in addition, of course, to their regular activities as students.

The forming of a choir is by all means of great importance in developing and meeting cultural and creative needs of the students, in addition to professionally dealing with and finding expression in the field of pharmacy, needless to say. This is a way to raise the sense of value stored with creative work in general culture fields, to acquire habits in fostering national cultural traditions and to broaden the area of concrete cultural exchange with similar national and international societies and associations. The activities of the choir take place through performing at concerts, gala events and other cultural events, which are organised either independently or initiated by the Faculty of Pharmacy in Belgrade, or by various institutions, companies, associations and societies both in the country and abroad.

The choir rehearsals are held at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the classroom which is across the hall from the bookshop, starting at 7 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays (until the end of November), or starting at 7 p.m. on Thursdays (from December till the end of fall semester of 2009/2010). The rehearsals are conducted by Đorđe Perović. Students may audition to become members at all times.