Centre for students’ scientific research work

Centre for students’ scientific research work (CNIRS) is an organisation under the auspices of the Student Parliament that aims to include the students of our Faculty into scientific research projects. CNIRS activities include:

  • Announcing public Competitions with topics for student papers proposed by Assistant Professors and Professors of our Faculty, open for all students meeting the general requirements of the Competition;
  • Accepting all student papers developed at our Faculty (through the Competitions or independently) for participation at different national and international conferences and congresses;
  • Organising seminars entitled “Multidisciplinarity of Pharmacy”;
  • Presentation of student papers at the Faculty’s Annual Symposium;
  • Organising mini-conferences where students have an opportunity to present the results of their work at our Faculty;
  • Accepting papers and participation of students at the Serbian Students’ Congress of Biomedical Sciences;
  • Accepting papers for the University Award for the best student scientific research paper;
  • Organising a summer campaign.

Owing to successful cooperation of our mentors and students, during the two years of operation a large number of students became involved in scientific research work, and more than 50 student papers have been presented at conferences and congresses, with eight of them receiving awards.

You are invited to join us!

For any additional information, write to us: cnirs.spff@gmail.com