Maja Tomić, PhD

Dr sc. Maja Tomić

Position: Full Professor
Organizational unit: Department of Pharmacology
Address: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Belgrade, Serbia
Room: B 305
Telefon: +381 11 3951-374
Fax: +381 11 3972-840


Maja Tomić (maiden name Malinović) was born in 1974 in Belgrade. She finished primary school in Borovo (district of Vukovar) and secondary school in Belgrade. Received her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 1998. Received her masters (2004) and PhD degree (2008) in the field of pain pharmacology at the School of Medicine (University of Belgrade).

Started working as an associate at the Department of Pharmacology (Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade) in 2000. Promoted to the position of junior teaching assistant in 2001, teaching assistant in 2005 and assistant professor position in 2009.

Maja Tomić is involved in the realisation of integrated academic studies in pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and sports pharmacy. She also takes part in the realisation of doctoral academic studies in pharmacology, specialised professional and academic studies in pharmacotherapy in pharmaceutical practice. She is the Head of the specialised academic studies program in pharmacotherapy in pharmaceutical practice at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

Maja Tomić became an expert of the Medicines and Medical devices Agency of Serbia in 2013.

Maja Tomić has published 22 research papers in the field od pain and cardiovascular pharmacology in international journals. Her research papers have been cited 150 times in total (86 times without self-citations). Also, she has published 8 professional papers in national journals. She took part in international (22 meeting abstracts) and national conferences (13 meeting abstracts).

She is a co-author of a textbook in pharmacotherapy and a handbook of pharmacology. Also, she is a co-author of a Serbian translation of a pharmacology textbook.

She is a researcher in one scientific project (Project No. 175045) funded by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

Maja Tomić is a reviewer in numerous international journals and one national journal. Additionally, she is a reviewer for the National Science Centre of Poland.

She is a member of the Pharmaceutical Association of Serbia, Serbian Association of Pharmacologists, Serbian Neuroscience Society and the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP).

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