Dragana Vujanović, PhD

Др сц. Драгана Вујановић

Position: Full Professor
Organisational unit: Department of Toxicology academic Danilo Soldatovic
Address: Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Beograd, Srbija
Room: objekat A, I sprat, 106
Phone: +381 11 3951-249
Fax: +381 11 3972-840
Email: dragana.vujanovic@pharmacy.bg.ac.rs


Enrolled in the Pharmaceutical faculty in Belgrade in the year 1980/1981. Graduated in 1985 with a GPA of 9,16. Employed by the Institute of Toxicology with analytic since October 1985. Promoted to assistant probationer in April 1987, later in 1993 promoted to assistant. Advanced to the position of docent in 1999, after which to the rank of associate professor in 2004. Reelected as a associate professor on the 24th of December 2009. Became a specialist in toxicological chemistry in 2010.

Teaching activities:
Dr sci. Pharm. Dragana Vujanovich teaches undergraduate and postgraduate subjects (Toxicology with analytic and Clinical – toxicological analysis) at the Pharmaceutical faculty in Belgrade. Since 1999 she has been teaching theoretical lessons at the Department of Toxicology Danilo Soldatovich. She teaches the optional course at the faculty – ecotoxicology. She was a teacher at the Medical faculty (department of pharmacy) in Banja Luka as well as the Natural sciences faculty (department of chemistry), Banja Luka. She also participates in PhD programs at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade, and at the Natural Sciences faculty, university of Novi Sad. She mentored 45 graduate thesis in toxicological chemistry and ecotoxicology, and she was a committee member in three doctoral degree wins and one masters win.

Coauthored the textbook “The Basis in Enviromental protection and improvement” at the Natural Sciences faculty, university in Prishtina which is stationed in Kosovska Mitrovica (third revised edition). Coauthored “Practicum in toxicological chemistry for the profile of a graduated pharmacist and graduated pharmacist – biochemical” Coauthored a doctoral text book at the Faculty of Dentistry called “Dental Materials 2”

Scientific and research work: 
Won her Masters thesis called “The influence of increased quantities of magnesium and therapies concentration of calcium dinatrium EDTA on the content on zinc, copper and lead in guinea pigs” on May the 30th 1993. Won her doctoral dissertation at the Pharmaceutical faculty titled “The influence of magnesium and vitamin C in lead metabolism in guinea pigs”. She has published 82 works so far.

Research interests:

The toxicology of metals: mechanisms of toxicity (interactions of metals and bio elements in vivo), the possibility of treatment and prevention of heavy metal intoxication.

Analysis of problems related to the manifestation of metal toxicity in the environment (especially pollinators). Analysis of the thermo energetic sector in light of environmental pollution and sustainable development (evaluate the condition, asses environmental influence as well as public health)


The Humbolt award for publishing the results of the Tisa expedition (2001-2002)
Ford award (Conservation and Environmental Grants “Energy – environment, poverty”)

Know languages: English

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